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Do Quantum Computer Exist?An interview with Yonatan Ben Shimon a partner at Quantum.Capital

We are here with Yonatan Ben Shimon. Hi Yonatan, what are Quantum Computers?

Yonatan Ben Shimon: Quantum computers refer to new models of machines which are promising exponential spurt’ growth on power processing, and they are capable of handling the challenges which cannot be solved by the current computers. Whether quantum computers exist or not is a question of debate. Well, there are a lot of expectations regarding them. These computers are expected to revolutionize’ the efforts towards the discovery of some other materials through stimulating behavior of the matter towards atomic’ level.

Tell us more please

Yonatan Ben Shimon: After many years of efforts towards building a quantum computer, researchers are almost building the most powerful devices that are going to counter the challenges faced by the conventional’ computers. Google has made a significant milestone together with Microsoft’ towards this game changer technological venture, we can’t forget IBM’s pedigree. The company began close to 50′ years ago, and they have been producing raw materials that have so far laid the foundation of revolutionizing computer.

What abot the The Gap Between Dream’ and Reality for The Quantum’ Computer?

Yonatan Ben Shimon: TheIBMB’ Machine is focused on exploiting the principal of quantum that is found on conducting materials. The computer from IBM utilizes superconducting’ circuits whereby two distinct electromagnetic’ energy makes a qubit. IBM’s quantum’ engineers are on the verge to develop a computer’ that has 50 qubits.

What would we be able to do with them?

Yonatan Ben Shimon: This will allow a simple quantum computer’ simulation for a normal computer although it is still proving a bit difficult to make it possible for 50′ qubits. According to the IBM researchers on a quantum computer, this is likely to be an elusive’ concept as it is being approached theoretically. 50′ qubits will be expected to operate perfectly, when in a real sense this may not be possible, because quantum computers are faced by a lot of errors that should be corrected.

What about Qubits?

Yonatan Ben Shimon: Qubits are also, challenging to be maintained for a good length of time. They are likely to lose their quantum nature which is very delicate. The programs will also have to be’ constrained because they should be run several times. At different designs, only a very few numbers of qubits can be entangled’. Therefore, a compiler should be highly efficient in order to swap the bits. This will highly help in simulating the system where bits’ can very easily be entangled.

Any word about Starting The Quantum Computing?

Yonatan Ben Shimon: The QISKit IMB is the right position to begin. A free’ quantum toolkit’ built by the IBM’ Q Researchers will be composed of a simulator, visual composer, and clear access to IBM’ quantum computer. Quantum computers do not only need different languages for programming but also, very essential methods of thinking on how to approach the actual programming.

The current computers that are being regarded as quantum computers’ are not essentially big to carry a better task compared to the classical computer’. Therefore, it should be understood that operating a nature system is all about quantum mechanics. To be able to stimulate the quantum system, the researchers will be compelled to look for something that can execute the quantum mechanically. And this problem will be solved by the quantum computer.

Since the quantum computers will be able to analyze a huge amount of data and the spot patterns, they will also handle challenges of optimization, advance climate’ modeling and improve the artificial’ intelligence.


Thank you again for this interview Yonatan Ben Shimon, you gave us some knowledge about quantum computing.

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