Is adBTC Legit or Scam

ADBTC is a ptc which pays in bitcoin, it is a site facilitated in Russia. The most recent status credited to this site by NBR is: New. By taking a gander at our review you can see initially whether this site is genuine or not.

The normal gain of site is 100 satoshi per promotions ie 0.00000100 BTC, the site offers in normal 50+ advertisements every Day and upto 150 satoshis per click.

You can likewise utilize autosurf for particular locales which have around 15 satoshis per surf.

At a normal If a man sees all locales and furthermore utilizes autosurf can undoubtedly get around 7000 satoshis in multi day.

The promoting begins at 20 satoshis PPC for a 15 second advertisement and upto 150 satoshis for a 60 second promotion.

With this PTC you will win 7% of your referrals surfings. You can likewise offer your dynamic referrals and get them also.

The base to payout is just 15000 satoshis i.e., 0.00015BTC by means of Epay, Xapo or specifically to your wallet. The site has paid 24 bitcoin till now to 1,80,000 of its clients!!

Win Bitcoins for Viewing Websites and welcoming companions or lease referrals.

  • Instructions to EARN
  • Earn up to 200 Satoshi per click
  • Withdrawals from 0.00015 BTC
  • Affiliate program: 7.5% from your referral surfing profit
  • 2.5% from your referral notice spendings!


  • The most effective method to ADVERTISE
  • Target REAL bitcoin clients.
  • CPC begins from 20 Satoshi.
  • No base buy required!

1. How well known ist

adbtc positioning alexa

Alexa Internet, Inc. is an American organization situated in California that gives business web activity information and examination. As indicated by its site, Alexa gives web movement information, worldwide rankings, and other data on 30 million sites. Starting at 2015, its site has been visited by over 6.5 million individuals month to month.

It isn’t astounding that imaginative organizations will make utilization of bitcoin and different digital currencies to offer alluring payouts to their individuals in a consistently advancing universe of web based promoting. There is an expanding number of advertisements. Prior, it wasn’t practical to pay for specific snaps with the standard installment frameworks. Least payouts can be brought down by Cryptocurrencies and will reform the web based publicizing world.

AdBTC is a promoting organizer that offers benefits to its individuals by means of PTC and Pay Per Surf publicizing. The site was presented for the current year.

We should uncover in to discover more about AdBTC in this audit.

ntroduced in 2017, thisnew, unknown organization is situated in Russia. It gives a Paid To Click, Pay Per Surf and Pay Per DR Click promoting administration. Individuals can gain by means of immediate or circuitous referrals. AdBTC fills in as an organizer among customers and promoters. The website makes installment in bitcoin only and is “sans offering bitcoin online for survey site pages, for the most part bitcoin locales”.

2. How AdBTC Works

The site increases 100 satoshi per promotion (0.00000100BTC) all things considered. The site offers 50+ advertisements day by day. They can go up to 150 satoshi per click. The individuals will have the capacity to autosurf for isolated locales and can have around 15 satoshi for 1 surf. You can see all destinations and makes utilization of the autosurf choice. You can procure around 7000 satoshi day by day. AdBTC has 56 destinations accessible at present.

The venture starts at around 20 satoshi. Contingent upon the length of your notice, it can go up to 150.

3. Benfits of AdBTC

AdBTC is as yet another site. Be that as it may, it has been now appeared to payout to its individuals. It sounds promising up until this point. AdBTC has paid 24 bitcoin to 1,80,000 of its clients till date.

Pay To Click can make you 7% of referral surfings. In any case, you additionally get the decision to offer or buy your dynamic referrals. The base payout of 15000 satoshi is AdBTC. Thus, 0.00015BTC enters straightforwardly into your wallet. More critical data about the site:

  1. Pay Per Surf: 150 satoshi max.
  2. Pay Per DR Click: 7.5%
  3. Benefit Per Click: 0.000001 BTC
  4. Accessible Clicks every day: 70+
  5. Individuals: between 100 000 and 1 000
  6. Referral rate: 7.5%
  7. 56 destinations accessible

Expenses for you will include:

  1. 20 satoshi PPC for a 15 seconds advertisement
  2. 150 satoshi per 60 seconds advertisement
  3. 15% commission rate
  4. BTC or payeer is the installment procedure. They will have a payout of least 15000 Satoshi.

4. AdBTC – Winding Up

AdBTC is still new. Consequently, we need to give it some time till it tends to be known as a real administration. In any case, late payouts look encouraging. AdBTC offered administration may develop too with an expanding number of accessible destinations on AdBTC.

That being stated, on the off chance that you have never advertised on the web or disconnected, discovering individuals could be exceptionally troublesome for you.

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